Are you looking to get even more exposure for your local business?

Since it’s launch in 2004, Yelp has been an important resource for local businesses looking to get found online, and now, Yelp is offering businesses a platform to gain even more exposure–especially with mobile customers. Yelp’s mobile ad space has expanded to include the option of purchasing mobile display ads on the review site’s mobile app that include features like cross-device tracking and geo-targeting

Beginning in March, the popular user review and recommendation site began hosting display ads in their mobile app for two frontrunners, InterContinental Hotel Groups (IHG) and Taco Bell, who were the first companies to purchase Yelp’s newest ad offering.

Now, as of April 1st, mobile display ads are available to all buyers, with the option of both Mobile (IAB) 300×50 and Expandable Mobile (IAB) 300×300 available.

But are these new display ads Yelp has added to the equation something your local business should be investing in?

With over 86 million unique visitors, and with nearly half of yelp searches (45%) taking place on mobile devices, Yelp’s mobile app has the power to get local businesses major visibility and access to an enormous mobile audience of actionable leads. And, according to Yelp, the review site is hoping that these display ads will only further serve to connect businesses and brands with customers online and on the go.

While there is a lot to be gained from the exposure that display advertising like this can provide local businesses, there is also a large cost associated with this type of paid advertising. Last year, Yelp raked in over $350 million in advertising, and last quarter alone, Yelp was accessed by roughly 9.2 million unique mobile devices. Those are some serious numbers, and those numbers may very well show that Yelp’s new ads could have the power to deliver real revenue and real customers to local businesses of all sizes.

Despite all this, some businesses are still wary of the commitment, and money, involved in such a campaign. It comes down to each individual business to determine whether or not display ads are a valuable and viable option for their marketing campaign.

The most important factors to consider?

Understand your brand and your budget. Are you looking for immediate visibility or long term exposure? Research your potential customers–where are they spending their time? Is it on mobile apps like Yelp’s? What’s the lifetime value of a customer for your business? How much can you stand to gain? Or lose?

And if you do decide to give your brand more visibility with Yelp’s mobile display ads, make sure you have the advertising experts, the creativity and the calls-to-action necessary to get the most out of that valuable visibility.