New Yelp App now allows mobile reviews straight from your phone

Yelp has officially announced that their latest app–currently available for iOs and soon to come for Android users–will allow users to leave reviews directly from their mobile phones. And it’s about time.

While Yelp had already made it possible in the past for users to leave short, quick reviews much akin to tweets on Twitter, ¬†full-blown user-reviews weren’t part of the app until now and often had to wait until a customer made it all the way back to their home computer. Thankfully, their new app makes it easier than ever for customers to leave reviews whenever and wherever they want.

How Will Yelp’s New Mobile App Additions Affect Local Businesses and their Online Reviews?

This has been seen as a great opportunity by some businesses, while others have met this announcement with a bit of trepidation. For businesses that provide excellent services, tremendous products, or often leave customers with the memory of a great experience, customers will be able to write a review about that great experience right on the spot, while the memory is still fresh and their positivity is at it’s peak.

Part of the reason that many businesses, especially local businesses, struggle with online reviews is the reality that happy customers who may leave an establishment with the intent to write a rave review, often get distracted or forget by the time they arrive home and are much ¬†less likely to write that review than someone with a negative experience actively looking to vent. Thankfully, by making the review process more accessible, happy customers won’t have as many barriers en-route to a leaving a review, and more and more businesses will be able to get the positive reviews they deserve.

On the other hand, many fear that this could also allow those looking to vent an immediate means to do so–meaning no time for them to reflect or reassess like they may have otherwise done if given more time before leaving a scathing review about a service or product.

While this news has been met with mixed feelings by many local businesses, it certainly means more reviews, more opinions being shared, more customer voices being heard. And for businesses who are hoping to get more exposure, more positive reviews, and ultimately, more new customers–this could be an incredibly exciting opportunity.