While claiming your spot at the top of the local search results with local SEO has the power to offer longterm exposure, significant gains, and lasting result for small businesses, in highly competitive markets it can be difficult to stand apart from the competition, especially if you’re looking to get exposure and drive traffic as soon as possible.

PPC, or Pay Per Click advertising, can be a great way to increase your visibility, especially for businesses looking to boost visibility quickly.

PPC in addition to local SEO can be a very powerful combination, allowing local businesses to dominate the rankings and gain valuable exposure at the top of Google’s local search results.

Oftentimes, small and local businesses tend to be shier about PPC than larger companies or less location-specific businesses. Part of what puts small businesses off of PPC is a lack of information about the business behind pay per click as well as, more often then not, the fear of big-budget ad campaigns.

What it’s important for small business to recognize, however, is why PPC is actually especially effective for businesses on the smaller, more local, side of things. Not only are PPC campaigns more flexible than many believe, they don’t have to involve huge amounts of ad spend either. Starting a campaign small, and then growing that campaign over time as your business grows, is an effective strategy for smaller businesses looking to invest in increasing their online exposure.

In some larger cities, there can be hundreds, even thousands, of competitors all vying for the same spots–whether you’re a local restaurant, a neighborhood florist, a small repair shop, or more.

PPC ads not only give your business guaranteed visibility and access to an entire audience of new leads, but a strategic PPC campaign is especially beneficial for local business, as they’re capable of targeting specific key terms–even highly competitive ones, geographically targeting locations to attract only customers in your area, easily attract the attention of mobile-users who are looking for products and services near them, and much more.

To learn more about how PPC can get you viable and valuable leads now, check out what PPC can do for your business here.