What We Do

Local Positions helps you market your local business online so you can drive valuable traffic to your site and customers to your door. We have proven online marketing strategies that have created profits for local businesses all over the country. We will help you boost your online visibility, grow your reach and win over new customers, all while tracking your campaign every step of the way.

Get You More Leads

We have generated millions of leads for thousands of companies. With a holistic approach that builds your presence all over the web, we drive quality leads that will take your business to the next level.

Paid Search:

Paid search advertising is an incredibly effective strategy for local businesses. Because we target these ads by keywords and location, your ads are being seen by customers looking for your business. Even better, paid ads can be created quickly and start driving new business immediately. Results are measured for each impression, click and phone call.

Organic Search:

Organic search allows you to market your brand across the web, attracting customers looking to engage with a local business or searching for a local service. Users click on at least one of the top 3 search results an astonishing 68% of the time, so dominating the organic search results is a key component for generating new business.

Mobile Search:

Mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches by a nearly 2 to 1 margin. That means your customers are using their mobile device to find local products and service while they’re on the go. Mobile search offers your local business constant access toone of the fastest growing audiencesand allows you to reach customers that are searching for something with immediate relevance, one’s who are trying to take action, and who are ready to buy local products and services.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool for small and local businesses looking to generate leads. 89% of marketers claim that email is their primary means of lead generation. With an email campaign you can update present and potential customers about deals and start driving sales. Local businesses rely on more than just one-time customers and email marketing not only allows you to get your message out to a wide audience, but to make sure you’re turning past customers into repeat business too.

Grow Your Reach on the Web

Everything has moved online, including your customers. If you don’t have a big presence online, your business is off the map.At Local Positions, we make sure you’re getting seen by the customers who matter most so that you can get valuable leads and generate more business.

Social Media:

Facebook has over 1 billion users. Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yelp and Foursquare aren’t far behind. Customers spend their time on social sites, so making sure your local business has a social presence means you can engage with customers and build your brand.

Local Directories:

Attracting new customers can be a big challenge for a local business. Local directories such as Yelp, Google+ Local, Bing Local and Yahoo Local provide you with additional exposure to get found by local customers and to boost your organic search rankings.

Video Production:

Video marketing is dynamic and effective. People would much rather watch a video than read text. Having high-quality videos gives life to your brand and ads dimension to your marketing campaign. We take care of everything from production to promotion to give you videos that capture, and hold, customer interest.

Search Retargeting:

Search retargeting allows you to place your ads in a targeted way so that users who’ve searched your keywords in the past will see them. This means your brand will be most visible where it’s most valuable, allowing you to capture customer interest and drive traffic.

Banner Ads:

Banner ads are a highly effective paid advertising tool that canget you the clicks you need to drive the traffic you want. Banner ads attract the attention of targeted customers, and the best part? Those who click paid ads like these are usually looking to convert.

Make Your Website More Effective

Driving traffic to your site takes time and effort, so why would you waste it? It’s not enough to have web traffic; you need to convert visitors into customers. We boost your sales while letting you spend less on advertising.

Call to Action Landing Pages:

An optimized landing page will significantly increase your conversion rate by guiding customers through the sales process.When customers visit your site, they always have a specific goal in mind. Landing pages give them what they’re looking for from the moment land, ensuring they won’t lose interest and you won’t lose business.

Live Chat:

Live chat allows businesses to connect with customers in real time so you can answer questions quicker than in an email and give a face to your company.

Visitor Tracking:

It’s important to know who’s visiting your site, what brought them there, and where they’re headed after they leave. Visitor tracking keeps you informed about where your customers are coming from and what they care about, so you know where to focus your local advertising efforts for them to be the most effective.

Visitor Retargeting:

Only 2% of most first-time site visits convert. Retargeting allows you to place your local ads where past site visitorscan see them as they continue searching the web. This means your brand will be most visible where it’s most valuable, allowing you to recapture customer interest and seal the deal.

Keeping You Informed Every Step of the Way

At Local Positions, we have a team of experts working on your campaign to make sure it’s a success. Your dedicated team will provide you with on-going consulting and reporting so you always know what’s happening, as it happens.

Lead Tracking:

One of biggest issues local businesses face with their local marketing campaigns is that they don’t understand the importance of lead tracking. We set up Google Analytics to help track your leads so you know what’s driving traffic and where your leads are coming from. That way, we can improve what’s working and eliminate what’s not, bringing you valuable leads without upping your budget.

Call Tracking:

Call tracking allows you to see what local online marketing strategy is driving your leads to physically pick up the phone to call your business. With analytics, if a customer finds your business on Google Maps or through a Google Localsearch on their smartphone and clicks to call, for example, we can track that,so we know where your local marketing strategies are most effective.

Client Portal:

With a client portal, documents and files can be managed and shared with clients quickly and simply, without the hassle and privacy risk of email.

5 Ways to Multiply Your Local Business Results

In order to make the most of your local business results, there are five simple steps you can take to attain success. Learn what five things you could be doing differently for your local business by referencing our infographic or contacting the Local Positions team.