Diversify your campaign and boost conversion by incorporating video production into your local marketing strategy.

At Local Positions we offer a full-service, comprehensive video marketing campaign. From production to promotion, we create high-quality videos for your local business that will be seen and shared all over the web.

Online video marketing is the most cost-effective way of adding dimension to your local marketing efforts and personality to business’ online presence.

Create a Dynamic Video for Your Company

Video ProductionVideo marketing gives your local business access to a captive audience and leads that are looking to be engaged. Today people would much rather watch a video than read a lengthy chunk of text and customers respond much more strongly to calls to action that come from an engaging video than they do to those that come through other mediums.

At Local Positions our professional video production team handles everything from idea conception, to filming, to post-production editing and more, ensuring your videos are always of the highest-quality.

Well-produced videos are the key to capturing your audience’s attention so that you can not only generate leads, but turn those leads into customers. These videos give your local business the perfect platform to inform, educate, entertain and engage your audience. With a well-designed and dynamic video, your local business has the power to start a conversation and develop a deeper connection with web users—so you can start driving more traffic to your site and bettering your conversion rates.

Video Promotion and Optimization

With video marketing you can increase your visibility, engage potential customers, and leave a lasting impression.

At Local Positions, we know that a successful video marketing campaign doesn’t end after a high-quality video is produced. In order for that video to drive traffic and captivate an audience of potential leads it has to get seen and shared first. That’s why we not only incorporate your videos onto your website, your blog, your social media pages and more, we make sure that your videos get promoted all over the web.

By optimizing your videos with the right titles, targeted keywords, descriptions, backlinks and more, your video will not only be quality, shareable content that customers will want to watch, it will be capable of toping the search engine results too. With Google integrating more videos than ever into their universal search results, your optimized videos can get you to the top of the rankings, giving your video an even wider audience and your local business even more valuable leads.