The Internet is becoming more and more social every day.

In order to get leads and convert them into customers, interaction and engagement are keys. By setting up business profiles on multiple social media sites and, more importantly, maintaining an active presence, you can highlight your brand, expand your online presence, and engage with potential—and past—customers on a more personal level.

 Google +Google Plus

Not only does Google now have a social network of its own, it has an incredibly influential one. With over 100 million active users each month, the number of Google+ users is increasing, and fast. With Google+ your business can:

  • Target the content you share with Google+ Circles by sending updates only to the group you want to reach, meaning the right information is getting seen by the right leads.
  • Get to the top of the search rankings. Because Google favors its own content, a Google+ profile or local listing can give you exposure on Google results, Google Places results, and more.
  • Connect with customers through marketing features found all in one location – Maps, Places, Circles, and more.
  • Dominate a market your competition has yet to tap into.


Facebook has over 1 billion users. Social sites offer the perfect platform to reach customers in an approachable way and give your local business a more personal feel that they can relate to. If you don’t have a business profile set up, you’re missing out on a huge audience of potential leads. With a Facebook page your business can:

  • Facebook allows you to influence and engage customers
  • Get social shares that generate new leads
  • Easily update offers or announce exciting news
  • Create multiple business pages for different services
  • Target advertising to your most valuable leads—the fans you already know are interested
  • Facebook profiles are quickly indexed by Google and rank high in the results


LinkedIn is an extremely powerful marketing tool, especially for local businesses. By engaging on LinkedIn you can give your business exposure while connecting with others in your industry, potential customers, and more. With a LinkedIn profile your business can:

  • Have your profiles indexed and ranked high in Google’s results
  • Target higher level connections
  • Develop your ‘brand power’ and enhance your reputation as an authority in your industry and an expert in your field
  • Provide prospective leads and customers with relevant information on your business


Twitter is a very influential modern business tool with the potential to reach millions of users quickly and affordably. With Twitter your business can:

  • Easily provide customers with messages or offers that have concise calls to action
  • Engage your audience and keep them interested with frequent, relevant updates
  • Have an instant feedback mechanism for products and services
  • Increase your visibility through Twitter landing pages
  • Gain information about your industry through other Twitter followers


Having a presence on Foursquare is an amazing asset for local businesses. This location-based social media site is growing in popularity every day, with 30 million users and counting, and is designed to help people connect with businesses in their area. With an active listing on Foursquare your business can:

  • Take advantage of a site designed specifically to get customers walking through your door
  • Increase exposure on a platform full of valuable leads
  • Reach an audience already looking for local businesses
  • Increase exposure and sales with Foursquare coupons
  • Engage your customers and generate buzz about your brand by interacting with them through games, questionnaires and more


Video is a powerful medium—In today’s fast paced world, people would much rather watch something than read something. Promoting videos on sites like YouTube will help your local business capture interest and cultivate leads. With a YouTube channel your business can:
Humanizes your business.

  • Give your potential clients a face to put to your online presence
  • Demonstrate your expertise and provide valuable, engaging information
  • Stimulate leads and prompt them into action
  • Tap into an affordable advertising outlet
  • Measure effectiveness through Insight reporting