Customers’ opinions matter, and now, with the Internet giving customers the perfect platform to share those opinions-they matter more than ever.

We’re social creatures and we turn to others around us to tell us what’s good, what’s bad, who we can trust, and more. Nearly 90% of web users notice, and use, online ratings and reviews when looking to buy a product or service. Online reviews are the second most trusted form of advertising, and even more amazing, 72% of web users surveyed said that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Reviews ManagementYour business’ reviews on sites like Yelp, Google Local, City Search, Yahoo! Local, Angie’s List, Avvo, Foursquare, and more all matter.

Only 3% of users said they would initiate business with a vendor who has 2 or less stars, so if your business isn’t incorporating reviews management into your local online marketing campaign, you could be losing out on the chance to turn positive reviews into free advertising, so that you can start improving your online reputation and generating valuable leads.

Why Online Reviews Matter

There’s no way around it: online reviews can have a serious impact on your local business. If a customer has a great interaction with your business, they have the power to share those positive experiences online for all to see-which can do great things for your business.

But happy customers aren’t the only ones that have the power to post their opinions all over the web. In fact, those with the most negative things to say are often the most vocal, whether justified or not, which can lead to comments from past customers that can turn-off potential ones and a tarnished online reputation.

With more and more reviews appearing on sites like Yelp and showing up in the local results on pages like Google and Yahoo, people searching in your area for your services and products are going to see your reviews in their search results-whether you like it or not. Having positive reviews does more than just boost your online reputation; it’s the key to building a sense of trust around your brand and attracting new leads to your business, so that you can start driving traffic to your site and customers to your door.

Turn Reviews Into Free Advertising

At Local Positions we understand how much your online reputation can impact your brick and mortar business.

We not only claim your listing on all the top review sites, we monitor your online reviews and work to start replacing unfavorable reviews with fantastic ones. We’re here to make sure that you know what’s being shared about your business, as it’s being shared, so that you can start turning things around by responding to those unhappy reviewers and acknowledging negative reviews as soon as they happen.

By engaging these reviewers you can address the issue at hand while showing that your business cares what your customers’ think-helping you turn negatives into positives.

Even better, we help you collect and share positive reviews from real customers by removing the roadblocks that may stand in the way of them leaving glowing reviews of your business. With questionnaires, emails, promotions, contests and more, we encourage your customers to share their experiences with your business on the review sites that matter most. That way, your biggest fans can become your biggest advocates-helping advertise your business, and boost your local rankings, your reputation, and your sales.