Paid Search

Getting found online is key for local businesses looking to grow their reach and attract new customers in their area. But with 75% of searchers never making it past the first page of the search engine results, paid advertising is becoming crucial for local businesses looking to get found in the competitive online market.

That’s why we designed our LocalPromote platform in order to ensure your customers—whether they’re looking on the web or on their mobile devices—are seeing your text ads whenever they search for the keywords that matter most for your business.

Paid Search

How It Works

Generate More Leads

Our paid search platform allows your business to reach customers in the places where over 98% of people are searching online. We start with detailed keyword research, then create ad campaigns around the right keywords for your business and place those ads on today’s most popular search engines in order to drive calls, emails, contacts and more from local customers searching for your products and services online.

Optimize Your Ad Campaign

Our Google Adwords certified experts and our proprietary technology ensure your ad campaign is optimized daily based on conversions—not just clicks—in order to get the best performance from your budget.

Track Your Results

We always want you to know exactly what’s going on with your campaign, that’s why we track your performance 24/7 and provide you with detailed online reporting so you can see your clicks, visits, emails, calls, and any other key metrics for yourself.