Mobile Advertising

Mobile search surpassed traditional search, with over 100 Million Americans owning smartphones.  With access to mobile search, most of these mobile customers are looking for local products and service while they’re on the go.

That’s why 53% of all US sales are a result of a smartphone search. At Local Positions, we know that mobile advertising campaign is a cornerstone of a successful local business.

By creating an optimized mobile customer experience, your business gains instant access to thousands of local customers who are looking for your business at the exact moment they find you

Mobile AdvertisingReach Your Audience Wherever They Are

Mobile advertising is the perfect medium for the local business with a limited budget. Mobile search is much easier to capture than traditional search, and mobile customers convert at a much higher rate on average.

Mobile devices offer an immediate return that few marketing channels can match. If you can reach a customer when they’re searching on their smartphone or tablet computer, you’re much more likely to convert them into a paying customer.

At Local Positions, we help you create an end-to-end mobile advertising campaign by creating a mobile optimized website, mobile landing pages, mobile paid search campaigns as well as local organic search that targets mobile customers.

We use paid and organic search campaigns to get you found by thousands of new customers, as well as build a mobile experience so these customers are able to click, call your business, find directions to your store front and sign up right away.