Local Positions Hosts Google Breakfast Seminar

We recently invited Google to our offices in Agoura Hills to share their insights on the latest developments in the search industry. Read more to find out what the search giant had to say about the current state of SEO, mobile marketing, and the Hummingbird update.

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The Breakfast Seminar was a great way for local businesses to get from experts in the search industry, featuring speakers from Local Positions and Google, including Google’s Business Development Manager, Samir Janveja.  Topics centered around the best SEO strategies for brick and mortar businesses, and revealed surprising insights about how online searches drive offline purchases. According to data from Pew Research Center, over 5 billion local searches are conducted each month.  82% of those searches result in some sort of offline action, such as phone calls or visits to the store, and as many as 61% result in a direct purchase.

This data highlights just how critical a strong SEO strategy for local businesses. During the breakfast, speakers covered some of the most effective steps for optimizing a site for local search.  Particular emphasis was placed on mobile marketing, and for good reason: over 100 million Americans own a smartphone, and studies show that as many as 53% of all US sales are  the result of a search conducted on a smartphone. Mobile searchers are shown to be motivated customers, with 88% of customers contacting a business that they found through a local search within 24 hours.

Other strategies discussed during the seminar include on-the-page optimization guidelines, the importance of claiming your local listings, ensuring that your site is listed in relevant business directories, and using social media to reach out to your customers and extend your visibility. For more information about how Local Positions can help you increase your visibility on the web, give us a call today.