Local Live Chat

By communicating with your customers in real time, you can create a more personal brand on your website and turn visitors into happy customers.

With live chat, you can engage customers on your website as if they were standing at your door. Instead of just asking a visitor to contact you for more information, or fill out a form if they have any questions, you can ensure visitors are getting the assistance they need, the moment they need it.

Live Chat

LocalLiveChat proactively engages visitors on your website and generates leads for your business.  With an easy-to-implement technology placed on your website and a team of live chat specialists, LocalLiveChat encourages consumers to chat while they are on your website—helping businesses increase leads by up to 30%.

How it Works

Immediately Engage Customers

As soon as visitors arrive on your site, they are invited to speak with a live chat specialist.  Our innovative technology allows our agents to engage with your visitors 24 hours a day using a customized script.  Our specialist will also gather important contact information and any other service notes, so you can follow up with every lead.

Improve the Customer Experience

Any visitor can immediately connect with your business via the live chat platform that has been placed on your website.  Should a potential customer need extra assistance, we provide a CallConnectFeature that allows visitors to click to contact you over the phone without having to search for the contact information they need.  This ensures the each customer is able to get in touch with you whenever they need and prevents visitors from leaving your site.

Track and Report Leads

Once the customer information has been captured and the chat ends, you will be provided with a summary of the conversation via email along with any relevant lead information.  This email will also note and track if the customer contacted you via phone at any time during their chat.  Our innovative tracking system makes certain that you are provided with all the information you need to follow up with that customer so you’re not just tracking your visitors, but turning them into valuable customers.