Optimized landing pages give your customers what they’re looking for from the moment they land on your site, ensuring they won’t lose interest and you won’t lose an opportunity to gain a valuable customer.

When customers visit your site, they always have a specific aim in mind a specific goal that got them there. Whether they’re looking to buy a product, find a local branch to visit, sign up for more information, inquire about your services and more—something brought them to your site, so it’s essential you help them find it, quickly and easily.

Whether a lead found your site through a Google Local search, paid local advertising, or more, landing pages are designed to take customers straight to the destination they’re searching for without a fuss. When customers are forced to unnecessarily navigate through your site to find what they need, the odds that they may get confused, Landing Pagesdistracted, or even worse, frustrated increase exponentially—meaning lost leads and lost sales.

Converting Visitors Into Customers

The goal of any local online marketing campaign is to get you generating business and seeing big returns on investment. Conversion is the final, and most crucial, step in the process, and landing pages can make or break your shot at converting interested leads into paying customers.

A well-designed landing page will significantly reduce the obstacles that stand in the way of conversion by getting customers to the pages they need and guiding them effortlessly through the sales process.

Local Positions will create optimized landing pages for your local business that are geared to drive sales and increase conversion.

Our expert local marketing team at Local Positions will design landing pages that are attractive and possess the clear calls to action customers need to set them up for conversion. With strong headlines, striking images, fluid design layout, and well written page copy, our optimized landing pages will keep customers on your site. We incorporate your unique selling proposition, provide customers with a value exchange, and help you establish credibility by incorporating elements like endorsements, logos, your phone number and more. This way, your optimized landing pages will give customers a reason trust your brand, and even better, a reason to buy and the means to do it.