How We Do It

At Local Positions we’re here to take your local marketing campaign to the next level. Our team of local online marketing experts will build, and implement, a plan custom tailored to your business and your budget so that you can start expanding your web presence, growing your business, and seeing big results.

Here’s how we do it:

Understand Your Business

To create a profitable online marketing campaign for you, we ensure that we understand your business, your goals and your needs. It may seem obvious, but knowing your brand and knowing where you fit in your industry are essential for you to top the competition and to thrive as a business.

With the help of our marketing consultants

Local Positions is home to the industry’s top local online marketing experts. Our marketing consultants know what it takes to generate a campaign geared to get you the leads and the ROI you’re looking for.

With the help of our support teams

At Local Positions, we pride ourselves on our phenomenal customer support teams. We know that your success is our success and we’re here to help you through each step of the process.

Using our technology

We have the proprietary technology necessary to make sure your local marketing campaign is always one step ahead of the competition.

Build a Plan

Once we’ve outlined a comprehensive marketing analysis, we will build you a custom plan that is tailored specifically for your business. Our team of experts create an online campaign that is focused on measurable results that drive new customers to your door.

Develop a strategy

We develop a comprehensive strategy based on our diverse local marketing tactics geared to increase your reach online, generate leads, and grow your business.

Track the results

Staying informed is the key to success. That’s why we have the most proprietary technology and analytics experts necessary to track the results of each element of your campaign so that we can improve what’s working and eliminate what’s not.

Report the results

We give you monthly reports on the progress of your local online marketing campaign and your rankings on sites like Google, Yahoo! and more. It’s your business, so we will always keep you in the know.

Grow Your Business

We use a wide range of powerful solutions that drives leads from all over the web. We put your business in the places where your customers are looking for your products and services. That’s how we deliver fast, effective and affordable results.

Increase your reach on the web with

If you want to help your brick and mortar business succeed, widening your presence and driving traffic online are important first steps in bringing real customers not just to your site, but to your door. We do this with:

  • Mobile Pages
  • Paid Search Ads
  • Organic Search
  • Social media
  • Video production

Create a page that captures your leads:

Lead generation is the key to attracting new customers and reengaging old ones. Having pages that are optimized to capture, and convert, those leads is the key to improving your business. Local Positions optimizes your site with:

  • Landing Pages: By creating landing pages with clear calls to action, we stop customers from having to search through your site before getting where they’re trying to go, thus keeping your leads interested and simplifying the conversion process.
  • Reasons to Buy: Incorporating reasons to buy prompt leads into action and raises your conversion rates.
  • Trust Building: Adding elements that establish trust and give your business and your site credibility encourage more positive interactions with your brand and help improve a customer’s likelihood of converting.

Give you exposure in local directories:

We get your local business listed in all the top online business directories so that you can increase your visibility and make it easier for customers to find you online.

Make your site more search engine friendly:

Site optimization is the most essential component of local search engine optimization and the key to having a site that’s search engine ready and user-friendly. By optimizing your top pages, you’re creating

Create business profiles on social media channels:

We create business profiles and help you connect with customers on all the most important social media platforms from Google+to Facebook, Yelp to Foursquare, LinkedIn to YouTube, and more.

Use paid advertising to give you more leads:

Our local advertising experts help design an ad campaign geared to generate valuable leads and drive sales.

  • On the web: Paid ads are incredibly effective. They get you visibility in the top 5 search results, allow you target multiple keywords, and give you consistent traffic looking to convert.
  • On mobile devices:  Mobile devices are the perfect platform for local advertising.With local advertising optimized for mobile devices, you’re always with your customer, capable of reaching them with clear calls to action while customers are on the go and searching for local businesses, products, or services like yours.

Engage customers through Live Chat:

With Live Chat you can personalize your business, increase sales by direct leads towards specific products or services, and give customers a positive user experience they’ll want to share.

Use display advertising to get you more exposure:

Local display ads are designed to capture customer attention and drive traffic. Local Positions’ design experts can create the text, graphics, audio, animation, and video necessary to give you the most dynamic display ads and get you the most leads.With geo-targeting, demographic targeting, Facebook advertising, and more we make sure your local advertising campaign gets you measurable and scalable results.


Capture visitors who have already expressed an interest in your products and bring them back with targeted ads so you can seal the deal.

Increase your sales through email marketing:

Gain honest feedback about products and services, create opportunity for a follow-up strategy, help stay organized by scheduling and sending information, increase average order value, Email retargeting generates repeat business

Promote your products through coupon advertising:

Coupons are the perfect way to increase your visibility and drive sales. Coupon advertising has the power to entice customers away from your competitors by offering promotions they aren’t and doing what they don’t. Advertising like this generates high response rates and boosts sales.

Track and Report the Results

We measure everything we do and work in complete transparency. This way we can measure your campaign’s performance. You’ll see how many customers are calling you, visiting your site and walking through your doors. You’ll know where they’re coming from and what they’re doing once they get there.

Local lead tracking

With local lead tracking, we make sure we know what drives your leads and what they’re doing. Whether they’re being generated from your paid local advertising, your local search engine optimization, your social profiles or more—we’ll be able to see what drives your leads so that we can keep them coming.

Local call tracking

Visiting your site is one thing, but picking up the phone and going to the trouble to call your business means these leads are serious. If a lead clicks to call your number from their smartphone after seeing your local business in a Google Maps result: we can track that. Finding out what drives leads like these is essential to elevating your local marketing campaign to the next level.

Local conversion tracking

Conversion is the ultimate goal. Tracking what’s turning your local leads into your loyal customers is the key to your local marketing campaign running smoothly so we can bring you big returns on investment.