Join us Local Positions and Google for a Free Local Business Breakfast Seminar on October 17th!

On Thursday October 17th, from 10-12PDT, Local Positions will be hosting experts from Google at our offices in Agoura Hills for an exclusive seminar event for select local businesses in the Los Angeles area. We’re thrilled to have teamed up with the top search experts at Google to host this free breakfast seminar event for local business owners.

Today, expanding your reach online, is the key to growing your business offline.

Local search has never been more important for brick and mortar businesses than it is now. Over 5 billion local searches are made each month. 1 out of every 3 searches today involves a city, state, or zip code. Over 80% of local searches that are made online, result in actions taken offline. Tapping into the local market is essential, especially if you’re looking to reach new customers and drive more business to your brick and mortar.

This exciting local marketing seminar will feature speakers from both Local Positions and Google, including Local Positions president, Arhtur Yannoukos, and Google’s strategic partner manager, Samir Janveja, and will conclude with the opportunity for a Q&A session with our speakers. Breakfast and refreshments will be available. Space is limited so RSVP to reserve your seat today.

At this exclusive local marketing seminar, we’ll be giving attendees new insights into today’s competitive local market as well as sharing the latest technologies and techniques to help you grow your business by leveraging your online presence and fine-tuning your local marketing strategies. Attendees will receive actionable steps and insider strategies on how to create profitable online marketing campaigns designed specifically to target local customers in their area. To reserve your seat or to learn more about the Local Business Breakfast Seminar, you can visit the event page here: