Local Display Advertising

Display advertising, which appears alongside web content on relevant websites, is a dynamic form of paid advertising that is an extremely effective means of gaining visibility and generating leads, especially for local businesses.

LocalDisplay is an online display advertising solution that builds brand awareness and helps local businesses generate long-term benefits by reaching your customers where they’re spending their time and in the places that matter most online.

For local businesses that are looking to expand their presence online and generate leads quickly and affordably, display advertising, or “banner” advertising, is an important component to your local online marketing strategy and can help you connect with the over 82% of consumers using the Internet to do everything from search to shop to engaging on the world’s most popular social media platforms.

At Local Positions, we help you gain the visibility you need on the platforms that matter most to your customers. That’s why we offer a variety of advanced targeting techniques to put your message in front of local customers across the Web, so your brand is stays top of mind when your potential customers are ready to buy.


How it Works

Display Advertising

We Build Your Brand

Making sure your customers see your display ads on every site they browse online helps build awareness around your brand and drive traffic to your site.  Combined with the strength of our LocalPromote search engine platform, LocalDisplay can amplify

all your advertising efforts for stronger results and even more exposure for your business.

We Target Your Ads

There are a variety of targeting options offered by Local Positions designed to help your messaging reach its intended audience.  Geographic targeting, premium site targeting, behavioral targeting, and targeted Facebook ads are a just few of the leading targeting services we can provide.  We also ensure that your ads are seen by customers that have visited your site at one point in the past or who have specifically searched for keywords related to your business, your industry, and your products or services.

We Track and Optimize

We use tools that are designed to measure and track engagement to get your ads displayed on sites and networks that will result in successfully bringing customers to your business. By tracking customer online activity like website visits and impressions, you can see exactly how your campaign is performing at any time.