Coupon Advertising

Coupon advertising is one of the most measurable and accountable forms of promotion, making it a highly effective online marketing strategy for local businesses to attract attention and stir customers into action.

The days of painstakingly clipping coupons is quickly coming to an end.

Coupon AdvertisingEverything has moved online, including coupons. This means a new, even wider audience with whom your local business can share offers, promotional deals, and more, and an even more efficient way of generating interest in your business’ products or services.

Generate Traffic, Leads, and Sales

Online coupons are an incredibly effective local advertising tactic because they not only give your business visibility, they give you viable leads. People who are searching for deals and perusing promotional offers online are leads that are likely to take action—making them extremely valuable.

At Local Positions, we can create a coupon advertising campaign that will give you access to an enormous audience of shoppers just looking for that special deal to prompt them into action. With such high response rates, coupon advertising has the power to deliver serious results.

Incredibly affordable to create and distribute, especially when compared to paid advertising, online coupons are a local marketing technique that can generate leads and drive traffic, all while promoting sales: which can mean big returns on investment for your business.

With online coupons it’s easy for your local business to update special offers and even easier for customers to redeem them. Rather than carrying around clipped coupons and risking losing or forgetting them, customers can simply print out another copy, pull a coupon up on their smartphone, or enter a promotional code in online, making it easier for them to take advantage of a deal and more likely for you to make a sale.

With local advertising like this, you can give your local business an edge over your competitors by offering deals they don’t and engaging customers in ways they aren’t. Coupon advertising allows you to re-engage old customers and urge new ones into action, so that you can start generating business and seeing significant returns on investment.